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Review on development concept researches

The question on why some countries succeed while others fail in their development efforts
attracts many researches on the concepts of development. There has been no easy answer to
that, and it seems there is no single concept that can fit for all. The success of one country with
one set of policies may not be applicable to other countries. Here, it lies the challenge on how
to prescribe right policies for a specific country. Indeed, there are aspects that can be learned
from those considered successful in their development efforts, but a full-fledge adoption
without taking into consideration specific contexts that one country has may not result in
desirable outcome. Hence, this study aims to undertake a review on previous researches related
to development concepts, their implementation in developing countries, and the outcome based
on that implementation. The research methodology applied will be based strictly on past
researches on the subjects. The study found that the concepts of development should not just
rely on dominant Western-based development theories. Development was a unique process for
each and every country, and thus; Western-based development concepts should not be imposed
on non-Western developing countries. It was also argued that there was a need to have some
sort of ‘tailor-made’ concepts of development to be applied in developing countries. The
concepts that could consider the uniqueness of each and every country. This all to ensure that
development policies implemented should benefit all population, and not just selected few.


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