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Analisis pengaruh kualitas pelayanan dan kepuasan terhadap loyalitas nasabah pada PT. Bank Mandiri (persero), Tbk cabang Jakarta Thamrin Nine - Laporan Hasil Penelitian - Penelitian Kecil

This study aims to Determine how the impact of service quality on customer loyalty and satisfaction in Bank Mandiri (Persero), Tbk Jakarta Thamrin Nine branches. And to investigate how the impact of service quality on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. And how the influence of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. Theoretical base referenced in this research is that suggested that service quality has no direct effect on customer loyalty but has the effect of indirectly through satisfaction factor by Syafiq Ali and Haryono (2010:7) on the Master Thesis, Master of Management, RTM T 658 812, or Referred to a study that Suggests that the direct effect of service quality on customer loyalty Significantly by Chadha and Deepa Kapoor (2009) in the ICFAI Journal of Marketing Management.This research is a descriptive study using analytical tools Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with LISREL 8.70 program by Karl G and Joreskog and Dag Sorbom. The technique is performed in collecting the data by distributing questionnaires. After a confirmatory factor analysis to test the validity and reliability, Followed by pathway analysis and hypothesis testing. The results showed that the loading factor of -0.0084 and t value of -0.486 in relation to service quality and customer loyalty kepuasn meaning H4 is rejected. On the relationship of service quality on customer loyalty shows loading factor value of 0.36 and a t value of 2.80 which means that H2 is accepted and it can be concluded that the direct effect of service quality on customer loyalty. This supports the results of previous research conducted by Chadha and Deepa Kapoor (2009) in The ICFAI Journal of Marketing Management. (VM)


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